New Project starting: D-CARBONIZE 

Happy to share that POLYKEY is participating as a partner in the joint doctorate network D-CARBONIZE!

D-CARBONIZE is a joint doctorate network that aims at using circular chemistry approaches to design and build recyclable bioplastics using biomass as a starting material.

D-CARBONIZE brings together a 15-partner consortium led by Prof. Arjan W. Kleij at ICIQ. The project will train twelve doctoral students on the use of circular chemistry approaches to design and build monomers from biocarbon sources that will be used to produce recyclable bioplastics.

“We will aim for the creation of plastics with similar or even better functionalities using biomass as one of the starting materials. In some years, the coating of your smart phone or any other consumer product might be made from recycled materials,” explains Prof. Kleij, ICIQ group leader and ICREA professor.