Innovative Eutectogels for emerging bioelectronic applications



Budget 1.6M€
The main goal of the IONBIKE 2.0 proposal is to fully exploit the science and technology of the disruptive “eutectogel” materials and its wide range of emerging applications in energy, bioelectronics and environment. IONBIKE 2.0 MSCA Staff Exchanges proposal is a natural follow-up of the IONBIKE RISE project. It will take advantage of the gained knowledge and momentum by the IONBIKE RISE consortium in ionic liquid gels in bioelectronics with the addition of new partners as well as the extension of its technical scope to eutectogels and a wider range of applications. IONBIKE 2.0 will provide support for a joint research and innovation project through the exchange of staff with 15 partners including sixe European Universities, one Research Institute, two industries and six Universities from non-EU third countries. IONBIKE 2.0 will encourage collaboration towards a common scientific goal between all partners through staff exchanges, sharing research infrastructures and networking activities. The research is highly interdisciplinary involving experts in different areas such as chemistry, polymers, electrochemistry, organic electronics, (bio)electronic devices, energy, chemical engineering, environmental membranes and medical sciences. IONBIKE 2.0 is very ambitious, and it goes all the way from chemistry of the emerging eutectogels towards applications, including the participation of two industrial partners.
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