From Lab to Market: Current Strategies for the Production of Biobased Polyols

New article about biobased polyols released!

Historically, the polyols used by the polyurethane manufacturing industry have been obtained from petrochemicals, but these non-renewable polluting raw materials of fossil origin will be scarce and increasingly expensive in the future.

The potential for biomass-derived polyols to replace polyols currently produced by the petrochemical industry attracts great interest for two reasons: the rising costs of petrochemical raw materials and the obvious public desire for environmentally friendly green products that it has been embodied in new environmental regulations.

If you want to learn about biobased polyols for the polyurethane industry, go check our last article on the topic! We reviewed the field with the unique point of view of a start-up moving from academic labs to industrial plants.

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Thank you to Haritz Sardon, David Mecerreyes and Luc Averous for this nice collaboration.