Bio-based Building Blocks

Our unique protected technology allows us to produce a wide range of polyether polyols that can be derived from biomass. Polyols are available in a wide range of molecular weights and structures for meeting various application and processing needs.

  • Good mechanical properties and excellent resilience over temperatures
  • Superior hydrolytic stability
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Superior dynamic properties

Molecules from Recycling

From the chemical recycling of commodity polymers such as poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) or Bisphenol A-based polycarbonate (PC), high-added value building blocks are obtained in superior purity for being used as monomers, additives, or green solvents.

  • Cyclic Carbonates
  • Cyclic Ureas
  • Linear Ureas
  • Aromatic Synthons

Batteries & Bioelectronics

Our extensive experience and know-how in polymer synthesis and electrochemistry have led to this innovative catalogue of monomers and polymers ideal for boosting the performances of next-generation batteries and bioelectronic devices.

  • Poly(DADMA) poly(ionic liquid)s
  • Single-ion anionic polymers
  • Redox polymers
  • PEDOT/biopolymer dispersions
  • Thiophene-based materials
  • Ionic molecules

Products of the month

Specialty ionic molecules for high-added value applications including energy storage, bioelectronics, and energy harvesting, among others.

Polymer solutions for a
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