To move from the current unsustainable linear plastic production to a circular economy, POLYKEY offers tailored services

On demand polymer synthesis

With an extended experience in polymer and organic chemistry, POLYKEY is your expert on the synthesis of materials for high-added value applications, including batteries, bioelectronics, bio-sourced materials, NIPUs, block polymers, etc.


  • Functional polymers
  • Polymers from renewable resources
  • Polymers for batteries & bioelectronics

Recycling of plastic wastes

With solid expertise in recycling methodologies and two registered patents, POLYKEY is your expert in depolymerisation for developing a tailored recycling reaction under mild conditions.


  • Recycling of blends and multilayers
  • Analysis of plastic waste composition
  • Recycling of a specific plastic or mixture
  • Eco-design for better recycling

From petro- to bio-sourced

Want to improve the sustainability of your product or technology? POLYKEY can help you adapt your methodologies to improve your overall impact.


  • Use of bio-sourced monomers and synthons
  • Change for organocatalysis
  • Eco-design for improved assessment
  • Sustainable improvement of processes

From g to kg scale

With partially automatised pre-pilot and pilot equipment, at POLYKEY we are experts in the scale-up of polymerisation and depolymerisation reactions from gram to kilogram scale.


  • Capacity up to 35 L
  • Glass and metallic reactors
  • Automatised system
  • Compatible with high vacuum and temperatures

Polymer solutions for a
sustainable future