Synthesis and Characterization of Fully Biobased Copolyether Polyols

New environmental regulations for manufacturing biobased products are pushing the polyurethane (PU) market toward the use of biobased monomers in order to transition to a more sustainable processes. For that, the valorization of polyols coming from nature including chemical platforms based on vegetable oils is under investigation for replacing conventional petroleum-based polyols.

The main advantages that biobased polyols can offer over the conventional ones are related to sustainability, reduction of petroleum dependence and potential lower cost. In addition, they are often characterized by higher thermal stability and less sensitivity to hydrolysis.

At POLYKEY we have recently reported a polycondensation route to synthesize fully biobased polyether polyols with comprehensive properties and tunable crystallinity while maintaining the Tg. You can check the full text at ACS I & EC Research Jounal.

Their properties make them ideal candidates for the preparation of a variety of polyurethanes. Would you like to test them?

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